Fine Eye Exam Options for You Now

Do not use cheap, non-certified eye cosmetics from unknown manufacturers. Careful about the choice of mascara, shadows and cosmetic eyeliner. When removing makeup, use special tools that quickly and easily remove all the paint. Do not rub your eyelids every night trying to get rid of pieces of cosmetics. And especially do not injure the delicate skin with soap and water, which will only dry it. Never go to bed without washing off your makeup. The use of the Eye Exam is important now.

The Nighttime

At night, the eyelids should rest and breathe freely. In the morning (40 minutes before going out) and in the evening daily apply to this area a cosmetic care for the skin around the eyes – a special serum, gel or cream. Do every night self-massage of this part of the face: with light tapping movements walk around the eyes. This will improve blood circulation and increase the flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the cells.

The Care

Once a week, be sure to make special masks for this area of ​​the face. They contain vitamins for the skin around the eyes, nourish, moisturize and strengthen it. They can be purchased, from world famous manufacturers, and can be home-made – from products that you can easily find in your kitchen. To the ingredients that make up the masks, do not hit the eye and do not cause irritation, it is better to pack them in a single-layer gauze. In addition, home masks for this area of ​​the face should not be liquid, since the juice can soak even gauze, get into the eyes and cause severe irritation. The time of action of such cosmetics should not exceed 15-20 minutes.

  • During the action of the mask, it is better to let the muscles relax and rest, and for this you just lie on the couch, not letting emotions. In summer, always wear sunglasses, going out into the sunshine, clear weather: ultraviolet is the main enemy for the skin of the face in this area. Especially relevant this advice is for those who have dry skin around the eyes, which in the summer can even peel.
  • By adhering to these rules, you will be able to provide your skin with adequate nutrition and hydration, so that it shines with beauty and health. And the attractive force of your radiant look will depend on this.

All the recommendations are simple and do not require you a lot of time and effort, and the result after years of unpretentious care will please and justify all your aspirations and hopes. Cosmeticians also strongly recommend that home masks for the skin around the eyes are more often used for such care, since they are 100% natural and safe.

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