Sheltering in the Right Rehab for Drug Addiction

Drugs in the blood are very small amount of time yet have an impact. But they are deposited deep in the adipose tissue of the body and therefore medical blood purification does not solve the problem of dependence. To date, there is only one program capable of removing the remains of narcotic substances from all body tissues.

  • This program of detoxification “New Life”, based on the discoveries and developments of the greatest researcher and humanist of the last century, L. Ron Hubbard. It has been widely used since 1979, and since then it has been an integral, key part of the program and helps people around the world to free themselves from drug dependence.
  • To get rid of addiction, a person will have to make a lot of effort. But that new life, which he can receive as a reward for his perseverance and desire to change for the better, is worth doing. We cannot guarantee the result, but we are proud of our graduates who coped with the problem, created families, acquired new meaning in life and became worthy inhabitants of our country.

You can come to our rehabilitation center and get acquainted, accompanied by specialists with each element of the program, our staff, the atmosphere of the center and the stories of our graduates. You can accurately find out the reasons for the addict’s aggressive behavior and find out how he can be helped at home by giving relief. The consultation in the center is free of charge and does not obligate you to anything. In will be having the best solutions.

The center of rehabilitation and treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction suggests undergoing the procedure of detoxification of the body.

What Is This Service

As we know, with the use of drugs and alcohol, intoxication occurs, that is, poisoning of a person with toxins, products of decomposition of chemical and organic compounds, ethyl alcohol.

Detoxification is aimed at cleansing the body of the above-mentioned poisonous substances. Without this process, further treatment of the patient is impossible, since all encoding methods are used only under the condition of a pure organism. In no case is coding used if there are drugs or alcohol in the blood of a person. If you chose not our clinic for the treatment for addiction, and you refused to cleanse the body before encoding, give up the services of this center! Most likely, you contacted the scammers.

How Is The Procedure Performed

The detoxification program includes work in two areas: to cleanse the body and make up its balance of nutrients. For this, the following detox preparations are used:


The most famous absorbent, which, in one way or another, was used by everyone, is activated charcoal. Doctors, during detoxification, inject agents of a similar effect through a drip solution. And you can use coal for home detoxification, if the person’s condition is not critical and he suffers from a usual hangover. In more severe cases, it is better to purify the body with the help of narcologists.

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